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Always Had a Passion for Beer? Book a Brewery Tour

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it has an interesting history behind it. There are many different types of beer from pale ales to stouts and everything in between, and most people have their own personal favourite type. If you are looking for an activity to do and want an excuse to be around beer all day, then local brewery tours can be a great opportunity to do both at the same time. With so many types of beers, there is something for everyone.

The Process

Brewery tours are the best way to get a real, firsthand experience of how beers are made. Your guide will go through the process of farming that brings out the best ingredients and the differences between certain beers and then talk about the specific brewery you are at. If you have a favourite local beer, then make sure you find out if they do brewery tours. Otherwise, there are many tours across the country and in every major city that are happy to take you through their doors and show you their machines and procedures.

The Tasting

Obviously, you have to get a little bit of a taste on your way through, and many brewery tours offer you multiple tastes of their own delicious beers. Depending on how many beers are being brewed on your chosen brewery tours, you may get to sample three or four and perhaps even more. If trying out lots of different types of beer is an important part of your drive to tag along on a tour, then make sure you search for experiences that specifically state multiple tastings. 

The Day Itself

When going in for a brewery tour, it pays to be wearing comfortable clothing that you are happy standing in for quite some time. Brewery tours range from an hour to a whole day, which means you should probably decide beforehand how long you want to spend learning about beer and book accordingly. Not every tour has food along the way but for longer tours. There is almost always a break for lunch and the option of some delicious pub food. Some tourism packages offer multiple brewery tours as a package deal for those who want to determine what the best local beer is for themselves. Remember to wear quite sturdy footwear, as often brewery floors are polished concrete and, if there is any moisture on them, can get slippery.