Preparing for Travel Abroad

Top Tips When Planning Wedding Transportation.

Planning wedding logistics can be a daunting task. A small hitch or delay could mess up the event. The extract below discusses a few considerations to make when organising wedding transport. 

Who Requires Transport?

It may be difficult and expensive to provide transport for everyone. Therefore, ask guests to consider private transportation on the wedding day. Special groups such as family members, VIPs, people that live outside your locality, the bridal party, the groom and the bride might require transport. 

Choosing Suitable Transport

In most cases, your guests will require transport to the wedding venue and wedding reception. Below are some tips to help you select suitable transport;


Most car hire companies will ask that you book transport a few weeks in advance. Inspect the bus and vehicles you intend to hire. Ask for an inspection report, and check the vehicle's service records. The company should have reasonable terms of hire. Some of your considerations should include; 


Compare quotes from various car hire companies. Most companies will provide discounts if you hire more than one vehicle. Ask the company to provide you with a contract detailing when they will dispatch the vehicles, when you should return the cars, the agreed price and how you will make payments.


Your guests and drivers must be punctual on the wedding day. Therefore, inform them when and where the vehicles will pick them up. Provide the drivers with a small map detailing the various venues and the route that wedding convoy will use. 

When planning wedding transport, identify who needs transportation, choose suitable means for the various groups, book early and consider costs. Ask a close friend or family member to act as a transport manager on the wedding day.